Green Lab - for CO2 neutral and competitive R&D in Switzerland

Follow up Activities and Priorities

Priority Voting

Please vote your priority on the presented Follow Up Activities:

  SAFETY: GREEN LAB guide - how to implement legal requirements   SAFETY: Joined approach with SWKI for a laboratory ventilation concept   SAFETY: Initiate standard for the new EKAS 1871 Laboratory Concept   SUSTAINABILITY: spread/share the knowledge in life science companies – events on the pharma organisation – key players   SUSTAINABILITY: connect with swiss education organisation | or social media chanel as youtube, etc.   SUSTAINABILITY: setting clear goals | collect data | colaborate with other organisation (globaly)   FLEXIBILITY: Improvement in the planning of a Lab building is required •Education / Certification to become “Laboratory Planner”   FLEXIBILITY: Establish a concept to make lab buildings comparable •Collect data of existing lab building to publish a “today’s benchmark   FLEXIBILITY: Checklist and Guidance: How much flexibility is really required, depending on the area of the lab

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